E-book Production

You might have some content that you’re just itching to get out there. Whether it’s a 5000-word article, a novella, or a full-length technical manual,┬áCalamus can help you convert it into a solid, saleable e-book.

The major e-book platforms has finally made the self-publishing dream not just a reality, but a realistic business proposition. Calamus is highly experienced in producing e-books for all of the major markets, and in all of the major formats.

Many platforms offer conversion from Word documents, but these conversions can be problematic. You need to make sure that you content is formatted correctly, so that users don’t get put off by garbled characters, strange page breaks, and other annoyances that can lurk in your Word document conversion.

With Calamus, you get:

  • A free assessment of your manuscript, to determine whether any complexities (such as images or special formatting) need to be considered before the conversion is performed
  • A non-disclosure agreement – your content is safe with us
  • A one-price quote – no add-ons, no additional price for longer books
  • A personally produced, fully tested e-book in .mobi, .epub, and .pdf formats
  • Delivery within 48 hours or sooner
  • Your content, in their format, on time

Contact us for more information today, and get your content up for sale right away!

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