Bikini Modelling and Me

I’ve had a lot of fun with my most recent e-book: a guide to success as a bikini competitor. It’s designed to take a beginner in the sport, and give her the knowledge to go from amateur to pro.

My own bikini competition experience is, well, limited. But the source of the book is Jill Bunny, owner of FitBunnies and a champion bikini and fitness competitor. Her book is informative, her voice is engaging, and it’s just jam-packed with knowledge and tidbits that you couldn’t get anywhere else but from an actual competitor like her.

It was a real joy to write. We’re launching the ebook at the beginning of March, right before she competes in the Arnold, a huge sports and fitness convention. Last year, Jill was a huge success at the bikini competition, and this year she’s a favourite to win.

I came into the book with exactly zero knowledge about the subject matter, and the whole process was fascinating and a lot of fun. Jill’s enthusiasm and very deep knowledge of the industry and the sport made it a great project.

Why did Jill want to publish an ebook? She saw the same value as a lot of other people are seeing. It’s a great way to take some specialized knowledge and get it out there. She is hoping to make money off the royalties, of course, but it also shows that she’s an expert in the subject.

A fitness competitor’s career is inevitably limited – it’s hard on the body! – and Jill is looking forward to working as a coach and guide. This book is part of that career shift, and is a long-term investment in her future.

So the text is done and we’re working towards putting the book out in the next month. And of course we’re already talking about the next books we’re going to write.

In the meantime, I’ve got another ebook client. They’re in more familiar territory for me–they’re an exciting and innovative software company.

But do they look as good in bikinis? I’m not going to speculate. It’s a judged sport, after all.


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